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Develop an unshakeable inner strength with HOOKE Pilates at our prime Mayfair location. Develop enhanced flexibility, core strength and posture with both mat-based and advanced Reformer sessions tailored for you. 

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Experience tailored Pilates in Mayfair. Improve your core, posture and flexibility in one session. 


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Our most experienced trainers have helped elite athletes reach their peak.

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All sessions include shower access, luxury toiletries and towels for your convenience and comfort.

“Strengthening for mind and body, Pilates improves core stability, balance and flexibility.”

Pilates Explained

What is Pilates

Pilates was born in the 1920s, the vision of Joseph Pilates, a German born physical trainer. Combining both aerobic and anaerobic movement, this unique fitness approach demands both precision of body and mind as students execute movements within very specific parameters. Mat Pilates harnesses the body’s own natural resistance while the Reformer introduces resistance with integral springs.

How Pilates can help

Pilates employs a diverse set of exercises to build muscle, bolster stamina and refine balance, posture and suppleness. It’s widely endorsed by medical professionals for its holistic wellness effects, and for injury treatment and avoidance. With Pilates, daily movement becomes more fluid and powerful, reducing any aches and pains and increasing vitality.

Pilates is suitable for everyone

Pilates welcomes all, from the uninitiated to the seasoned practitioner. It caters to every need – from the desk-bound and stressed to expectant mothers and elite athletes. Exercises can be performed using your own body weight or with specialised equipment, but always with proper emphasis on synchronised breathwork and core muscle contro

The Benefits of Pilates

Sculpts and tones the body

Enhances core strength and stability

Strengthens and safeguards joints against injuries

Elevates athletic performance and endurance

Nurtures pre- and post-natal wellbeing

Aids in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight

Refines alignment and posture

Provides relief from persistent pain

Boosts energy and vitality

Helps diminish stress levels

Improves equilibrium and co-ordination

Improves equilibrium and co-ordination


Your fitness journey, tailored to your needs


Build Strength

Gain more than muscle. Elevate your physical and mental strength workout by workout.



Journey through setbacks to physical recovery and resilience.


Improve Flexibility, Stability and Co-ordination

Move with ease. Our programmes are tailored to enhance your balance, fluidity and agility.


Sport Specific

Master your game. We identify your strengths and refine them for optimal sports performance.


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